Hi, I’m Frank Fordi. Welcome to PVNT Home Digest!

Remodeling and refurbishing your home doesn’t need to cost a fortune. But you would never know it judging by some of the sites you see on the web. There’s an awful lot of “expert level” advice being bandied about. Much of it seems to come in conjunction with price quotes that frankly belong in the realm of imagination rather than the present reality. 

But you don’t have to fall for this gibberish. There is no reason why you should risk putting a huge hole in your budget in order to fix a few problem areas in your home. If you plan your renovation right and budget accordingly, you’ll be able to achieve your goals without ever breaking a sweat. And this is the way it should be. 

When it comes to adding resale value to your home, you should start small. There may be plenty of areas in your home that could benefit from some attention. Your bathroom sink may be a little rusty or your wallpaper may simply be out of style. Instead of hiring an expensive and highly overrated “remodeling service”, why not do the work yourself? You’ll save a great deal of money and may even enjoy learning a new skill. 

This is the reason PVNT Home Digest exists. Our goal is to give you the best tips and advice on keeping your home happy, healthy, and organized. We can do this by building a website that is chock full of the best new home renovation and technology advice. We’re just getting started now. You can check back often to get excellent new features that will help you turn your property into the dream home you’ve always deserved. 

But we can’t quite do it all by ourselves. Do you have a special need that isn’t addressed here? Is there a topic that you would like to see covered? Get in touch with us via our contact info and let us know. We’ll be glad to do the research and offer you up to date advice and guidance that will help solve your issue. 

This new site is only as good as its audience. PVNT Home Digest is here to be your ultimate online source for a fresh new approach to keeping your home in tip top shape. Let us know what we can do for you and we’ll be happy to get posting on your behalf.