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12 Week Weight Loss Program

This innovative new program works by addressing the underlying issues of weight gain.  As such it differs from other programs in four ways:

1) It’s about getting the body healthy. 

You will learn to eat in a way that promotes long term health.  Weight loss is just a byproduct of that.  As such there is no calorie counting and no “dieting” in the conventional sense which sacrifices health for short term weight loss.  You will learn how to distinguish between nutrient rich foods and nutrient deficient foods.  This is the essence of proper nutrition.

2) It’s personalized. 

We are all different.  You will receive a specific protein requirement based on your lean body mass and a specific carbohydrate requirement based on your activity level.  As for fats, we will be dispelling the myth that fat makes you fat.  You will learn which fats convert your metabolism from a fat storing to a fat burning metabolism.

3) It addresses the root causes of weight gain. 

Many people hold on to weight for many different reasons beyond just poor diet.  You will learn to address and correct the underlying issues of Digestive Problems, Food Sensitivities, Yeast Overgrowth, Blood Sugar Imbalances, Mineral Deficiencies, Fatty Acid Deficiencies, Stress and Adrenal Fatigue, Hormonal Imbalances, Toxin Overload and Brain Chemistry Deficiencies.

4) The added benefits. 

With healthy weight loss comes many other potential benefits such as improved digestion, improved blood sugar, more energy, better sleep and improved blood pressure to name a few.

Listen to Nancy Rose, creator of the program, explain why it is so successful.

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Next large group class start date:  TBD

Cost for large Group Program – $299 per person

The class is also available for small groups of 2 to 4 people during my regular office hours.

Cost for Small Groups:

2 people – $499 each

3 people – $399 each

4 people – $299 each

Location for all classes: Clinic: Alternative Medicines, 98 Main St. Northampton

This class is available to be taught in other public locations, private homes or as an employee/corporate wellness program.

For more information, please contact craig@pvnutritionaltherapy.com

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