Weight Loss Program Testimonials

“Craig is a wonderful and helpful presenter.  He is good at sharing material as well as incorporating questions from group members.  I would definitely recommend this program to others.  I have cut sugar out of my diet and feel wonderful, besides having lost weight.  This program is an enlightening departure from famous weight loss programs that recommend you eat low-fat items and more processed foods.”

– Carole Shivani-Bull


“For me, the most valuable part of the class is the nutritional education component.  It provides me with a new awareness of the relationships between food and health, and a starting point for ongoing learning.  I make different food choices now based on nutrition, and as a result I feel better.  I have more energy and a more positive attitude.  As a wonderful side effect, excess weight is coming off, which further supports more energy and positive attitude!  This is a healthy (new) cycle in my experience!”

– Penny Taylor


“I would like to express my deepest thanks for the quality of information, delivery, and professionalism you offered during your Getting at the Roots course.  The course itself supplied me with a new perspective on healthy behaviors around food and lifestyle, a surprise to me since I came into the course feeling that I already had a strong handle on nutrition. Your supplementation of the basic curriculum truly enhanced my understanding of the impact of nutrition and behavior on the operation of our body systems and how much control over our health we actually have.  That understanding was very empowering.  I was equally impressed with your personalized approach and professional demeanor.  Those qualities allowed me to trust in the program and make lifestyle changes that have left me, and my family as an extension of those changes, feeling more energized, centered, proactive, and motivated to maintain the healthier lifestyle I learned about during the course. You are a gifted and dedicated nutritional therapist. I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with you.”

– Mindy Rosengarten


“Your health is your wealth!  I enjoyed learning abundant and truthful info on nutrition for personal holistic health, as well as a world view.  Benefits are:  being a bit more educated, weight loss, more balanced overall health in body, spirit and mind.  It may seem odd, but also a connection to the principles of my “salt of the earth” Canadian grandfather – the wisdom of his organic gardening, fishing and hunting – apply today more than ever.”

– Linda Gaudreau


“I feel I accomplished what I set for myself, and that was weight loss, reduced stomach issues and bloating.  I’m amazed with the ancillary benefits – reduced blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels, to the extent I felt comfortable weaning off prescriptions.”

– Midge Pompei


“It was really helpful to join and do the program with my husband.  We were in “competition” with each other a bit.  Working together kept us on track and we lost every week.  It will be easy to continue away from class.”

– Betty Thayer


“No more insomnia!”

– Deborah Jacobson


“I saw a huge improvement in my menstrual cycle regularity and have no cramps now, whereas before my cycle fluctuated and I had terrible pain.  I have also noticed improvement in my joint discomfort and sciatic pain.  I love how mindful and positive my food choices have become through the course of the program.”

– Terra Missildine


“This program has clearly shown me the benefits of getting rid of sugar and processed food.  I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoy eating fruits, vegetables and organic meat.  It was much easier than I expected.”

– Cynthia Loveless

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