The Real Food Kitchen Transition Program

Traditional Foods for Modern Times

Do you have a busy job?  Are you a busy parent?  Do you have an active social life?  Let’s face it – modern life is insane.  Nobody has the time to spend every waking hour in the kitchen cooking, prepping and cleaning.

However, you know you need to do better.  You know you and your family are not eating well.  You’re relying on a lot of packaged foods and quick, poor quality meals.  You’re tired.  You reach for the sugar and caffeine too often to get you through.  Maybe you’re even addicted to sugar.  You know you need to change but feel overwhelmed by it.

This is the program for you!

With some guidance and structure, some practice and patience, you’ll be eating so much better and more importantly, feeling so much better.

What’s included?

30 and 90 Day Programs

Which one is right for me?

That’s what the 30 minute free initial consult is for.  We’ll figure it out together.

If you’re in western MA, to set up your free initial in-person consult at my office in downtown Northampton, call 413-341-5224.   If you’re not in western MA, to set up your free initial phone consult call 413-559-7770. 

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