“Craig came across as a gentle, knowledgeable practitioner, who is all about getting back to basics – no smoke and mirrors with him. He made no outrageous promises, just that if we worked together he would do his best to educate me on how to get back to being healthy, and that the weight loss would come naturally.

As I eliminated the processed foods and began making better choices, I began to feel better. I had energy that I had not had in years, maybe ever. My digestive issues started to wane, which naturally made me feel better. My mood was better than ever, and even the texture of my skin began to improve! And of course, with all of these changes came the weight loss. Oh, how I had been looking forward to that! 

I am a new woman, inside and out, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Thank you, Craig, for helping to heal myself and make me the best me I can be – I will be forever grateful.”

– Mary Jo Kaye, Chicopee, MA


“I’d had heartburn for 20 plus years.  Took all sorts of antacids.  Craig told me to try one thing to start.  One simple thing to remove from my diet.  Almost overnight, my heartburn disappeared.  I couldn’t believe it.  I haven’t touched an antacid since and better yet, my heartburn hasn’t returned.  Craig also taught me how to eat in a way that not only will support my digestive health but my overall health for years to come.”

– Eric Letendre, Southwick, MA


“Since the start of the “Get at the Roots” program I’ve lost 14 pounds.  There have also been other great side effects that are the result of my new attitude and understanding of food and nutrition.  I feel that this way of eating is not only good for me but is less harmful to the environment and I don’t feel deprived or like I’m “on a diet” that I could fall off anytime.  It just feels like a positive and effortless choice sustained by positive feelings and results.”

– Holly Young, Northampton, MA


“I would like to thank Craig Fear for helping me remove sugar from my diet quickly and painlessly! I have been a real sugar addict my whole life (I’m now 54). I did a consult with Craig and he did an excellent job of explaining how to eat so that I could retrain my body to use fat and protein for energy instead of sugar. Then he helped me come up with a clear, easy-to follow eating plan that would get me off sugar. And I did it!  

I found the transition very smooth, and within a couple of days my sugar cravings were gone.  I immediately noticed that I felt more energetic and just more alert and clearer.  That was 4 1/2 months ago, and I have found it very easy to stay away from sugar – I feel so great without it that I don’t crave it at all and it’s not a struggle to avoid it.  I had never thought I would be able to get off sugar, but now I’ve done it, thanks to Craig’s guidance.  I feel healthier and also have a great feeling of accomplishment for freeing myself of this life-long attachment to sweets!  Thank you Craig!”

– Susan Downing, Easthampton, MA


“I went to Pioneer Valley Nutritional Therapy after 6 months of working with a personal trainer and going to the gym 5-6 days a week, as well as eating a low fat, ‘healthy’ diet, while not seeing significant results in weight loss or muscle definition.  I was also experiencing intense food cravings, particularly for sweets and caffeine, as well as struggling with portion control and constant snacking.

After an in-depth analysis of my diet, eating habits, digestion and lifestyle, Craig recommended a program with an emphasis on good fats and protein, minimal carbohydrates, as well as a few supplements specifically recommended for my individual health status.

I immediately noticed I had more energy without the chronic dips and spikes I had experience previously.  Adding fat to my diet allowed my to feel satiated longer, and my cravings for sweets vanished overnight.  My hair and nails were stronger, and my skin was clear of blemishes.  Best of all, the excess weight seemed to literally melt away.  Even without strenuous exercise, I lost 4 lbs in the first week and 3 in the next.  Over the course of the program I lost a total of 10.5 lbs, and over 2″ in my waist and hips.

I’ve continued with the food plan even after the completion of the program – it has become a way of life for me.  I have never felt better, and besides the thought required for meal-planning, never experienced a more effortless weight loss program.  I couldn’t more highly recommend Pioneer Valley Nutritional Therapy to anyone who’s struggled with weight loss, cravings, and healthy eating in general.”

– Hannah Gyovai, Northampton, MA


“My life changed dramatically 2 years ago.  Everything I thought I knew; self-perceptions of good health and stamina were all taken away.  I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and part of my pancreas, gall bladder, and duodenum were removed.

Nutritional uptake is critical to any cancer patients’ survival.  I have been reading, surfing, visiting doctors, naturopaths and health food/supplement stores.  My head was so full of information. Too full.

Looking back I am simply lucky to be alive.

So here I am.  Not short on motivation, determination, or desire to eat better.  Yet struggling.  Popping every style and type of vitamin/supplement pill known to man.  Then enters Craig Fear.  He has a way of shining a light – right where you need to illuminate the path.  One step at a time.Craig’s nutritional approach through eating traditional foods, lacto fermentation, etc. has been working wonders.  He even uncovered a lacto intolerance I was unaware of.

All this said; please note I live roughly 3,000 miles away in Washington State.  All you need is a phone to connect with him.  Don’t let distance or a commute stop you from healing within.”

– Gretchen Hoy,  Spokane, WA


“I’ve worked with Craig several times over the past year, and I’ve been highly impressed with his knowledge and his ability to motivate and keep me focused on making better nutritional choices. Craig has an incredible breadth of knowledge around nutrition and weight loss, and has helped me to lose almost 20 pounds. When following his program and guidelines, the weight came off easily and quickly. It has been a pleasure to work with him, and I’m sure we will continue to work together in the future!”

– Mindi Palmer Fried, Easthampton, MA


“I was in real trouble with my diabetes until I entered Craig’s program.   I was on a low fat diet that was recommended for a diabetic and I was becoming more and more dependent on medication.   My weight just kept increasing and I couldn’t get things under control.   Craig took the time to sit with me and not only assess my individual needs but also to educate me about food, where it comes from and how important it is to make healthier choices.  

It’s turned out to be the best thing I could’ve done for myself.   My weight and blood sugar are now under control and I feel great.  I am also  happy to now be part of a local meat CSA that raises their animals ethically and sustainably.   The cost for all of this was off set with the expenses of eating out, eating junk and the personal toll on my health.   In the end it was the same for my budget and much better for my health”.

– Bill Pollock, Chicopee, MA


“After years of pain, fatigue, and frustration with doctors, I decided to see a nutritional therapist.  I called Craig to make an appointment and after two weeks I couldn’t believe how much better I felt.   I have so much more energy and no more pain.

Months later, I am still adhering to Craig’s recommendations.   At age 43, I recently ran my fastest half-marathon and felt really strong. Next, I’m taking on a 20 mile race and most likely a marathon. I had such a great experience with Craig that I made an appointment for my brother. I strongly recommend Craig because he really listens and cares about his clients.”

– Christine King, East Longmeadow, MA


“I went to meet Craig a few months ago because I was interested in his opinion on my diet.  I told him I was also looking for help with insomnia.  Craig noticed I was taking a prescription antacid and he talked with me in depth about healthy digestion.

I wasn’t prepared for the scope of good advice that he gave me.  In essence, Craig told me to watch all the sugar I was eating – in juice, yogurt and in cereal.  He also suggested I cut starches out of my diet because these foods convert to sugar in the body.  Slowly, I began to look at the labels on products and make better choices.

The end result of just one meeting with Craig is that I developed a healthier diet that allowed me to stop taking both the over the counter sleep medication and the prescription antacid as well.  I feel great and I now sleep like a baby.”

– Janice Beetle-Godleski, Easthampton, MA


“When I finally realized just how much refined sugar was in my life and how much it affected my mood, I was shocked.  And then terrified that it would be crippling to try to get rid of it.  But the transition away from sugar has been easy with Craig’s help.   He made a plan tailored to me and has kept me honest and focused, without being pushy or demanding.  After only a few weeks I noticed a difference in my mood and the flow of my energy though the day.”

– Lydia Irons, Amherst, MA

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