Before and After Photos

All of the photos below are of clients who have either taken the Get at the Roots weight loss program or consulted with me privately.  Whether in the group program or privately, the dietary principles remain the same.   My clients learn the power of real, traditional foods and they learn that is absolutely NOT how much you eat but WHAT you eat that is most important.  Nobody has ever counted a calorie!


Down 25 pounds on the 12 week program.  Down 45 overall!

For years Mike worked out regularly but had a hard time losing weight.  I hear this a lot.  When Mike learned to provide the correct fuel to burn body fat, the weight started melting off quickly and easily.


Down 75 pounds in 6 months!

Jason is a member of my local BNI networking group.  We meet every week and after a few years of listening to me preach about eating more fat to lose fat, he finally took me up on it!   The results speak for themselves.


Down over 3o pounds in 6 months.

Like many people, Seth struggled for years to get his weight down.  He tried many different approaches until he found what he called, “the most common sense approach” of them all.  I can sum it up by saying, “Eat to nourish yourself not to starve yourself.”


Down 12 pounds on the Get at the Roots program.  Down 25 pounds overall.

Oh and by the way, Mindi is a fantastic chiropractor in western MA.  She specializes in pre and post-natal care.  If you’re in western Massachussets and need a chiropractor, check out 



Mary Jo

 Down over 30 pounds.  

Mary Jo was what I call my ideal client.  She not only made the changes I recommended, she took it to the next level.  She drives an hour every week to get raw milk and now makes her own butter from raw cream.  She has become a passionate advocate for pastured animal products and nutrient dense food.



Down 20 pounds on the program.  Down over 30 overall.  

Betty and her husband did the program together and have to date lost over sixty pounds combined.   They supported each other and worked together to make the dietary changes.  I always say that mutual support is so important!  Betty and her husband are a testament to that.

9 Responses to Before and After Photos

  1. Rick O says:

    Great job both Craig and PVNT clients! Very impressive!

  2. Diane Lewis says:

    Fabulous job and congrats to all.

  3. susana says:

    Hi ,

    those are amazing results.Can you tell me if you do an long distance program for weightloss


    • Craig Fear says:

      Hi Susana,

      As of now the Get At The Roots program is not available online. You might check in with and contact the creator of the program, Nancy Brown to see if someone might be teaching it near you. As of now, only certified Nutritional Therapists can teach it. It’s still a new program so there’s not a lot of people using it yet but I imagine that will change in the coming years. Otherwise, I do consult with people privately over the phone and I use the same dietary principles as the program.


  4. susana says:

    Hi Craig ,

    How much is the consultation ? how many consultations do you think i need to take.Also do you have videos/materials where you can teach me to make the foods you recommend like beet kvass , grain free breads , fermented vegetables etc..I have hashimotos and looking to cure it , support my adrenals , reduce inflammation and loose weight


  5. […] I know, because I used to teach it myself!  For many years I used this program in my practice.  And I loved teaching it. You can see some “before and after” photos right here. […]

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